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Music Warehouse Singapore - PA, Sound and Music Instrument Rentals
Rental of Guitars, Basses, Drums and PA Equipment Music Warehouse Training Rental of Guitars, Basses, Drums and PA Equipment Rental of Guitars, Basses, Drums and PA Equipment Rental of Guitars, Basses, Drums and PA Equipment


  • Rental of Public Address (PA), audio and sound systems
  • Rental of music equipment and instruments
  • Long- and short-term rental needs
  • Sound technicians and management
PA, Audio & Sound System Rentals
PA, Audio & Sound Rentals
Instrument & Amplifier Rentals
Instruments & Amplifiers
What does Music Warehouse Offer?

Whether you are planning an event and need to rent a PA or Sound System, or you are organinsing a performance and need to hire musical instruments, gear and amplifiers for the band, Music Warehouse provides audio and music equipment in Singapore to help make your event a success.

PA, Sound and Audio Rentals for Events

Our clients include Singapore-based corporate and individual customers that need the use of a public address system for their events and activities. We provide a range of audio systems that can support small in-house events such as team-buildings and presentations, to larger customer events.

We offer a professional service that removes the complexity of the audio system setup from your mind and allows you to focus on ensuring your event is a success. With a range of solutions that fit different budgets, including wired and wireless microphones, amplifiers and speakers, Music Warehouse's PA, audio and sound system rentals provide cost-effective solutions for the needs of our clients in different situations.


Standard PA

Basic PA System

Mini PA System

Music Equipment for Performances

Need to get the band back together again for a wedding? Organising a school concert and need the music equipment, including drums and instrument amplifiers, to get it going? Need equipment for practices and rehearsals as well, particularly for the period leading up to the performance?

Music Warehouse can supply the music equipment, including drums and keyboards, for your event or gig. With our delivery and setup services, you set the stage and we will provide the musical equipment for your performers to play and use.


Instrument Rentals for Individual or Aspiring Musicians

Now, there is a instrument-for-hire service that is tailored for musicians. Music Warehouse provides instrument rentals that give musicians an alternative to going out and buying a new instrument to learn on. Instead, it is possible to rent an instrument for a month or two in order to learn and try out an instrument before heading out to buy one.

Our rental service includes instruments such as guitars, basses, drums, percussions and keyboards. Rent for as short as a week to as long as a few months. This provides an alternative for musicians who would like to try out an instrument, or even needs an instrument while in Singapore for a short period of time.

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